I am sure that back in the early 1970s the ritual was the same every semester. I would wander into Mr. Chuck Zuegner’s office with my schedule. He would peruse it, pick up his pen to OK it, and then pause. Mr. Z as everyone called him would stare at me and in that voice that had become raspy from too many cigarettes would growl “you really ought to take a radio course.”

He’d start shaking his head in disapproval even before I could get out my stock answer of “Mr. Z. I want to write about the news, not talk about it.” I guess as my departmental adviser he could have refused to sign, but never did. My reluctance never stopped him from telling me “you have a voice for radio.”

Mr. Z never seem to understand that since I was 13 years old I had promised myself I would be a newspaper reporter. January of 1975 is the last time Mr. pushed the radio spiel on me. Now, 41 years later I am heeding Mr. Z’s advice, actually taking it to a level neither of us imagined back at Creighton University.

Creighton, Omaha, JOurnalims

The place that provided invaluable Journalism training for me and countless others

The good people at the http://www.globalnewsforum.com are allowing to host a weekly one-hour radio show. Obviously, with no call letters it is an Internet show. When I prepare to go on the air, I don’t think of what Mr. Z told me about my voice way back then.

Instead, I think of the things he taught me about the tenets of Journalism and what constitutes solid and ethical reporting. So, when I look at the world of Journalism today I see a number of tremendous holes that stray from what Mr. Z taught me about Journalism.

Yep, I realize things change. I also realize different doesn’t always constitute better. That is why I will use my time on the radio to re-introduce some of those basic principles, I won’t be doing much reporting. I will however give scores of others the opportunity to share their voices with my audience. They generally won’t be the voices of folks with lofty titles or political pedigree. I firmly believe that the changes the world of Journalism has brought leaves so many important stories untold, just sitting on the sidelines waiting to be picked up

The City-a radio show, Glenn Reedus, globalnewsforum.com

I am finally on the air

That is the purpose and goal of my show, called The City- a radio show. I am positive that more than four decades as a newspaper reporter and editor I know which questions and how to ask in order to help the public get a better and deeper of understanding of government, education, politics, technology and other issues that affect our community. Just like during most of my newspaper column-writing days I feel my thoughts and insights are not nearly as valuable as people without access to the newsroom. In this instancesthe most valuable thoughts and insights will come from people who don’t have access to the airwaves.

The show airs every Thursday at 1 p.m. CST on http://www.globalnewsforum. I really hope you will listen and phone in. If you like what you hear it would be great if you take a couple of seconds, look up and tell Mr. Z “Glenn finally listened.”