As a boy I never dreamed that I would leave this place, these corners or Chicago-ever. There really was no reason to leave K-Town as it had everything -Franklin Park, my elementary school, Tab’s Barbershop, Franklin Park, Miss Hattie’s restaurant, Del Farm grocery store, six cents phosphorous drinks at Gallagher’s drug store, Willis Wagons, and Franklin Park. Back then I didn’t know we were poor. We were just like everyone else.

Keller and 16th

The corner of 16th and Keeler was one of the many places in North Lawndale I thought I would never leave

My life outside of school centered around Franklin Park. There was baseball with the K-Town Kats in the spring and summer, basketball in the fall and winter, and even our own version of hockey. That involved laying a shopping cart on its side and wait until it was frozen in the ice rink, then use it as a net. It made no difference everyone didn’t have a hockey stick or skates. There’s a lot more, so please walk through the pages of to find out what else there is.