Facebook is on fire with posts about comedian Steve Harvey traveling to Trump Tower to meet with the president-elect. The majority sentiment, on the social media site, as well around the country seems to be that Mr. Harvey did something wrong by meeting with Donald Trump. For many of his critics, Mr. Harvey corrupted his “brother card” by sitting down with the one who will occupy the chair associated with the term “the most powerful man in the free world.” 

Like so many instances with us, Black people, when we don’t like something or someone, only the facts that fit our position count. All other information, regardless of how pertinent, has to be ignored. If you don’t think so, noodle this for a minute. In the days immediately preceding Mr. Harvey’s meeting, Americans of every ilk were lamenting the fact President Obama is leaving office.

President Barack Obama

The seams of the Internet were bulging with the countless accolades for our outgoing president.

The president pledged that like his predecessor did for him, he would make Mr. Trump’s ascent to the White House as easy as possible. That translated into the two transition teams working in unison when possible. Mr. Obama’s transition team asked Mr. Harvey if he would meet with Mr. Trump to help him get a handle on urban housing issues.  Mr. Harvey simply fulfilled a request from the first African-American president in U.S. history. 

Do you see the dichotomy yet? Legions of Black folk have nothing but love for Mr., Obama. That reality in term should mean that if he suggests something that is not criminal, or immoral, his supporters would be in line, if not lockstep.

Has a long way to go before having any value to African Americans


Because Mr. Trump and his surrogates have managed to disparage so many social, ethnic and civic groups; so many believe that Mr. Harvey meeting with him is a bad thing, even though the meeting came at the behest of Mr. Obama’s transition team.No one should be naive enough to think that the decision for a meeting was done without the President’s knowledge. The President’s transition team asked Mr. Harvey to meet with Trump not support him. One can work to improve America as a citizen with endorsing the political realm in charge.

Folks you respect the President’s decision, or you don’t. If it is the latter, a refresher course in politics would be helpful. 

There are some answers we might not get for some time, maybe never. Wouldn’t you like to know why Mr, Harvey was selected. There doesn’t seem to be anything in his background that lends itself to housing. Will the president-elect take Mr. Harvey’s advice, insights or recommendations seriously.?We shouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Trump publicly discards any thoughts Mr. Harvey brings in that area. 

Does Mr. Harvey have any meaningful thoughts on fixing housing in the inner city should be a serious concern? Because his television shows and comedy tours touch inner city folks, doesn’t necessarily mean he fully understands their plight.

Hopefully, Mr. Havery won’t try to carry this burden of recommendations alone. It would be a tremendously smart move to immediately enlist the support of Warrick Dunn, the former National Football League star. Mr. Dunn has a history of helping the less fortunate attain home ownership. To date, his foundation has helped scores of single mothers in Atlanta get their families into decent homes.How Warrick Dunn has helped

His housing foundation may have done as much for poor people as HUD


Finally, we have probably spent more time addressing the Steve Harvey meeting than he and Trump spent together. We have to accept that Trump will be president for the next four years and Black people will need as much access and influence as possible to avoid losing any ground we have gained over the last couple of decades.