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Now the hard work starts…maybe

Another savory ingredient has been added go to gumbo that is Chicago’s Black community, Even critics of the July 7 Dan Ryan shutdown would have to agree it was successful beyond measure. What many observers predicted would be a turnout in […]

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Me and Mary J. Blige

First, I ask you not to be confused by the headline here. Mary J Blige and I  have never met or even been in the same room. Although I know she is one of the most prolific songstresses in recent […]

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OK Mr. Z, I’m on the radio

Charles Zuegner, Creighton University, Journalism

I am sure that back in the early 1970s the ritual was the same every semester. I would wander into Mr. Chuck Zuegner’s office with my schedule. He would peruse it, pick up his pen to OK it, and then […]

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Let’s end the race relations talk

The onslaught of Black men being murdered by police across the country, the recent fatal sniper attack on Dallas, Texas police officers, and the same in Baton Rouge, La., the unrelenting bigoted language by the Republican Party’s apparent nominee for […]

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Collaboration needed in killings aftermath

Two Milwaukee cops determined he did nothing wrong, but a third one shot him 14 times. RIP Dontre Hamilton   Whether it’s newly minted activists or veterans of the Civil Rights Movement (CRM), the slaughter of Black folks by police […]

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There is no value in newspaper endorsements

Bruce Rauner

Since I set foot as an employee in my first newsroom more than 40 years ago, I have had the privilege and opportunity to see what comprises a newspaper’s brain trust-the men and women who research, dissect and write the […]

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