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When Glenn Reedus was in the news

Marcie Hill described me as an angel–awww http://www.marciewrites.com/glenn-reedus-is-my-journalism-angel   Replacing Roland Martin as exec editor of the Chicago Defender Feb. 2007 http://www.chicagoreader.com/Bleader/archives/2007/02/02/the-defenders-new-editor My fave interviews and chances to share my (journalistic) thoughts have been because of Ken Davis’ Chicago Newsroom […]

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New York Times story not fit to print

Freedom's Journal,George Curry

By George Curry Since 1897, the New York Times has boasted that it publishes “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” That slogan, created by Adolph S. Ochs, the original owner, still appears on the masthead of the Times each […]

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There is no value in newspaper endorsements

Bruce Rauner

Since I set foot as an employee in my first newsroom more than 40 years ago, I have had the privilege and opportunity to see what comprises a newspaper’s brain trust-the men and women who research, dissect and write the […]

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Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Affirmative Action by George Curry

Supreme Court Building

George Curry Media Columnist   In many instances, the Supreme Court’s recent affirmative action ruling upholding the University of Texas’s affirmative action program was overshadowed by a same-day order overturning President Obama’s executive order to ease illegal immigrants’ path to […]

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A sampling of news stories written by Glenn

Stony Island Arts Bank

Since leaving Chicago’s oldest African-American weekly newspapers, two years ago, I have been able to report on a variety of topics that hopefully gave readers a better understanding of the world around us.     Stony Island Arts Bank, Library […]

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Former US Steel site perfect for Lucas, even better for the city

south works

Even though the news cycle has given us far bigger and more interesting stories, many Chicagoans are still discussing, some seething over the fact that like a 10-year-old not picked for the game, George Lucas is taking his basketball and […]

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Dealing with Disrespect from the Democrats and Republicans by George Curry

1972 Black Political Conventnion

George Curry Media Columnist   After last week’s column on how the major presidential candidates snubbed organizers of this year’s National Black Political Convention in Gary, Ind., I received quite a few emails asking: What can we do about it? […]

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Dealing with the news media-corrections

newspaper correction

Over the last five decades I have witnessed an increasing wariness, often a flat out mistrust for the news media. There are dozens of polls that explain the mistrust is a result of reporters and editors making mistakes. Many others […]

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Why newspapers?

World Herald Logo

Today, so many people seemed shocked when I tell them that when I was 13 years old I decided I would grow up to be a newspaper reporter. Maybe it’s because they know I didn’t know any African-American newspaper reporters, […]

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Welcome world!

Brown logo

As a boy I never dreamed that I would leave this place, these corners or Chicago-ever. There really was no reason to leave K-Town as it had everything -Franklin Park, my elementary school, Tab’s Barbershop, Franklin Park, Miss Hattie’s restaurant, […]

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