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Not watching is not boycotting

The incessant din on social media re African Americans boycotting all things NFL because Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a contract with any National Football League team makes no sense. Yes, demonstrations at the NFL stadiums, like the one leaders of […]

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Speed humps can slow down Black youth unemployment

Study after study and forum and forum confirm what most of us have known for a long time. Black unemployment is a hindrance to the community and only gets lip service from those who could impact it-particularly our municipal and […]

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What is Chris Kennedy thinking?

A common and somewhat mean-spirited quip that often snakes through election cycle circles is whether someone just got up that morning and decided er or she would run for __________(fill in the blank). It is generally an indication that the […]

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Questions political candidates should answer

municipal budget, budget symbol

Too often as voters, we see two important things before and during election cycles. The first is the news media tries to define who the capable or best candidates are. The problem there is they don’t necessarily have the same […]

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For those who want new leadership, be it

A Facebook friend, Willie Preston has coined a phrase that seems to be gaining resonance every week. Mr. Preston has adopted and promoted the mantra “We Need a New Breed of Leadership!” Any marketing professor would give him an A […]

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You say you love Harold so why not follow his lead?

Few, if any will argue that when he was elected in 1983 Chicago Mayor Harold Washington interrupted the political stronghold the traditional Democratic Party in Illinois had on Chicago, particularly Black Chicago. That fete, nearly 35 years later, is still […]

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Or you could have a couple of steaks at Michael Jordan’s steakhouse

The issue of violence in Chicago has hit some rare air. A gaggle of luminaries ranging from a former White House chief of staff to a retirement age sports writer are all prepped to talk about what is being described as “Chicago’s […]

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The best choice for Chicago’s next mayor is…

Politics – it is a double-edged sword in Chicago. For some, it never stops, while for others too much time is spent on it. Here we are about two years away from the next race for mayor, and the discussions […]

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Learn from but don’t condemn Rev. Jackson

Probably, not many people who have watched the Rev. Jesse Jackson over the last six decades were surprised at how quickly the 75-year-old civil and human rights icon sprung into action when a video of a Vietnamese doctor being assaulted […]

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Steve Harvey did the right thing

Steve Harvey, Donald Trump, president-elect inner city housing

Facebook is on fire with posts about comedian Steve Harvey traveling to Trump Tower to meet with the president-elect. The majority sentiment, on the social media site, as well around the country seems to be that Mr. Harvey did something […]

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